Suspended ceilings are central in adding character to an environment and offer countless advantages and practical uses. Unlike masonry, plasterboard is easy to use and can be shaped into any desired form, for example to create a stepped ceiling. A curved plasterboard ceiling solution can also be a good alternative to the classic flat suspended ceiling, as a sinuous shape generates movement in the architectural lines and harmony. Different types of plasterboard are available: standard, extra flexible, fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, and many others.


Plasterboard suspended ceilings will fit every style and every need. They make it possible to hide heating and air conditioning systems and, thanks to the many available finishes, can add a classical or modern touch to any space. This solution can be used to lower existing ceilings, create downstands or introduce any changes in shape, even curved, thanks to the flexibility of the sheets. Lighting solutions can easily be integrated, including spotlights, interlocking ceiling lights or LEDs. Suspended ceilings can accommodate insulation in the cavity. Removable and serviceable suspended ceilings are widely used in the workplace. This solution consists of a lightweight metal structure that forms a lattice supported by ceiling brackets on which the modular panels are positioned (representing the visible part of the suspended ceiling).


Stretch ceilings are a decor element of great aesthetic impact, perfect in every context. It is the ideal solution for creating unique and exclusive atmospheres. The solution avoids reducing the ceiling space as unlike suspended ceilings, it does not have a supporting structure. It consists of a non-flammable PCV sheet which, heated with hot air jets expands and extends facilitating its anchorage on the perimeter of the ceiling using a special clamping system. The solution is available in many variations: opaque, painted, backlit, reflective, metallic finished, satin finished, micro-perforated, printed, etc. The solution offers a range of benefits: it can be backlit and provides uniform light diffusion, is waterproof and therefore suitable for humid environments, it makes it possible to visually expand the space, it reduces acoustic reverberation, it is lightweight and washable, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled and, if applied to a wall, it makes it possible to create highly creative solutions, as shown in the image.

Hatmo by Ge Giussani


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